Above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.

Colossians 3:14

You will never see unity in any context until you have love.

In fact you will find that the things that hinder us from seeing unity among diversity are all rooted in a shortage of love at operation within us. We divide, we fight, we contend, we gossip, we unhealthily differ not because we are different, or because of personality incompatibilities, or because of difficult circumstances, but because we are lovers of self, we are selfish, we have slighted opinions of others, and we think too highly of ourselves.

We do not have unity because we lack love. All of the hindrances to unity are rooted in the fact that we lack the power of Christlikeness to bind us together. Our minds, our attitudes, and hearts are deprived of the powerfully transformational love of Jesus. And without it, we will never see unity.

You want to see unity in your context? A unity that shows the world that we are his disciples?

Then all it takes is a point to one’s heart and a prayer to the God of love: “Start here with me.”