In case you didn’t know I need eight hours of sleep every night or else I’m a mess.

If it’s seven it’s no good, I’ll be tired and unproductive. I often run into people who can survive and thrive on five, six hours and get jealous of them.

I mean, one or two three extra hours of day really adds up ya know! We’re talking 7 to 14 extra hours of awake time per week!

I remember bringing these slight frustrations to God and wanting him to miraculously make me sleep less so that I can do more. And I also remember something he spoke to me about which really convicted me. He said something along the lines of…

Is it really important that you do more in life?

The question thrusts at the heart of one who has grown up in the fast-paced American society where efficiency and productivity are gods in themselves. Somewhere along the lines of wanting to sleep less, it was motivated by my desire to do more in life. And God questioned whether that was actually a good thing.

You see, life is not about doing as much as possible, but about being faithful with what you’ve been given. It’s about loving God, not about doing as much for God as possible.

Does God really care if I get 14 more hours of awake time if I wasted those hours away in meaninglessness? No, but rather, with what hours I have in life, I will use those to the best of my ability to love Jesus.

So, instead of asking the question of “What if I had more time?”, I should be asking, “How can I love God the most with the time He has given me?”